Coca Cola BlaK

I’m sorry, mixing coffee with carbonated water is really bad. I actually tried doing that last week. So why would Coca-Cola release a beverage with that very mix? You’ve got me. They’re going to name it BlaK and it has a cool little web site. I like the look of the bottle.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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Tastes great…but the price for a 4 pack is $6.99, or the equivalent of about $14.00 for a two-litre bottle.

Why not come out with a 2-litre bottle at a reasonable price?

everything is a matter of taste. that said, Blak is the JAM!!! i buy packs of it for the people that volunteer here in my office and i can’t keep it on the shelf. Walmart and the Big Y used to carry it and now i can’t find it. i’m in mourning so i’ve taken to wearing a Blak arm band. it is expensive but i love drinking stuff from glass bottles. seems to taste better. anyway, i saw the negative stuff and wanted to throw in some positive. peace -sch

” can anyone offer a formula for duplicating the coke blak taste that we can try at home? ”

I agree, I would also like to know if the formula could be dublicated – I miss Coca-Cola Blak!!

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