Category: Tornado

  • Awesome Award

    There are certain privileges every team member gets at Tornado and one of them is that you’re allowed to have one rant every day. The other is the Awesome Award and it gets passed around pretty much every day. The circumstances for winning the Awesome Award vary greatly by the day. Yesterday, the “new guy”…

  • Site Map

    Here’s a site map thumbnail for a project we’re working on. Sorry I can’t say what it’s about but it’s got some pretty cool stuff going on. Notice all of the cool lines and things going everywhere. Yeah, it’s cool.

  • Our clients love us

    Check out what a recent customer is saying about us on their web site (which they maintain). We would like to extend the same reference to Cylex Signs. If you ever have the need for signage they’re a great company and provide a high quality product.

  • Money Is No Object Client

    Just before Thanksgiving I was asked to assist in the early stages of a project to build a web site with a serious set of requirements. I jumped on the opportunity because I knew the idea was solid and that I could help by providing Blueprint planning advice and hopefully keep this project on track.…