Our clients love us

Check out what a recent customer is saying about us on their web site (which they maintain). We would like to extend the same reference to Cylex Signs. If you ever have the need for signage they’re a great company and provide a high quality product.

4 responses to “Our clients love us”

  1. Chris Tigmon and his team are great to work with…

    It’s great to see Tornado getting some well due props! BTW, who’s this Tigmon fellow you hired? 🙂

  2. Tomas – The Tigmon guy is my inner tiger. Actually, I’m unable to create a proper joke here. Hah.

    Botman – Good catch! Haha, I offered to buy that domain name once. The guy wanted $1,000. and when I counter offered he refused and renewed it for 10 years. It used to go to a site that said Tornado Designs and so I’m glad it no longer says that. I’ll let Cylex know. Thanks.

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