Awesome Award

There are certain privileges every team member gets at Tornado and one of them is that you’re allowed to have one rant every day. The other is the Awesome Award and it gets passed around pretty much every day. The circumstances for winning the Awesome Award vary greatly by the day.

Yesterday, the “new guy” got the Awesome Award for completely re-organizing our 200+ project folders. In one single day, he turned our pile of project folders into an alphabetical dream. Now instead of project folders everywhere, they’re easy to find in our file cabinet.

Welcome, Kent and thanks for organizing our projects.

3 responses to “Awesome Award”

  1. I love the Awesome Award! That is too funny.

    Similarly, I was given a bunch of old softball and bowling trophies from my grandma from back in the day. I want to get new plaques for them that say something like “best hair day ever, august 2nd 2006” and “discovered cure for cancer 2006” stuff like that. Then stack them up in my office and make everyone that comes to visit me weep openly in the presence of my greatness. hehe… it makes me chuckle just to think about it.

  2. At my office we have whats called a “Home Skillet” which is basically a tiny iron skillet on a mardigras style bead chain with Chuck Noris on the inside of it. It gets passed out to be worn when you “Done Real Good”.

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