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  • Viddler Launches, New Video Sharing Site With Time Tags

    Viddler has launched! Go check it out now and set up a profile. It’s a new video sharing web site with a lot of cool features. We played a part in making it happen, along with a great team spread around the world. Andrew Smith is the lead designer on the project. I handled site […]

  • Our Office

    This is our office (a converted home). Check it out. You can tell it was a weekend (no cars in the back lot), and obviously summertime, because the back lot is so dry. View on 3D Maps or see closeups of the studio.

  • Cookies

    These cookies will make you drool. Order some for your clients and make our client happy.

  • Indicators

    A few indicators telling me our web app is gonna be the bomb: Every time I show people our product, they want to be a beta tester They usually want to help out somehow Some of them want to invest All of them tell me how they do things now, and how this will enable […]