A few indicators telling me our web app is gonna be the bomb:

  1. Every time I show people our product, they want to be a beta tester
  2. They usually want to help out somehow
  3. Some of them want to invest
  4. All of them tell me how they do things now, and how this will enable them to move away from product XYZ
  5. They all want this product tomorrow
  6. We have killer features nobody else has

Speed is of the essence…

13 responses to “Indicators”

  1. Is it as cool as this?

    A game. They give you a penny to start. You play someone else with a penny. Winner gets 2 pennies and goes on to play someone else with two. Winner gets 4 and so on.

    Last 30 rounds and you win over 10 million buckaroos.

    I cant imagine anything cooler than that — even if it did involve cheese.

  2. Jason: There most likely won’t be any hints for a little while as we need to get some things done first and I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. We have the interface designed for about 6 screens. That’s all I will say.

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