Our Office

This is our office (a converted home). Check it out. You can tell it was a weekend (no cars in the back lot), and obviously summertime, because the back lot is so dry.

View on Live.com 3D Maps or see closeups of the studio.

6 responses to “Our Office”

  1. That’s a pretty sweet office, although that swimming pool would be a major productivity killer for me 😛

    Our office is in the dining room of my brother’s house.

  2. Are those solar panels on the roof?

    I think I’m going to build my intermountain territory location on that piece of vacant property right there next to you.

  3. Those aren’t solar panels, but they are skylights. It’s in the kitchen. The other funny thing is that one of our clients grew up in the house and we didn’t know that when we moved in.

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