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  • Launchy

    I’m enthralled with Launchy, it’s really great for me because I’ve grown weary of navigating Windows Explorer. With Launchy, I can tell it to index my project folders, and then I can type in the name of a client and it pulls up their project folder. It probably saves me 15 minutes every day. It’s […]

  • FastStone Capture

    I ran across FastStone Capture the other day, and wanted to share it with you. It is a great little program for Windows that takes screenshots of anything. I take so many screenshots for this web site (and several others), and this program makes my life easier.

  • Nothing is new under the sun

    Historian Will Durant wrote, “Nothing is new except arrangement.” Do you believe this to be true? Is nothing really new under the sun? Is every designer just stealing and hiding their sources (as great designers do). In 1759, Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote, “The trade of advertising is now so near to perfection that it is […]

  • Best Sales Coach in Phoenix

    The best sales coach in Phoenix is Michael D. Goodman. I haven’t worked with him in a few years but I learned so much about sales over the years that I worked with him that I use every single day — amazing guy and most definitely the best money I have ever spent on consulting. […]