Best Sales Coach in Phoenix

The best sales coach in Phoenix is Michael D. Goodman. I haven’t worked with him in a few years but I learned so much about sales over the years that I worked with him that I use every single day — amazing guy and most definitely the best money I have ever spent on consulting.

I hired Michael to teach me how to be a better salesperson and learned both sales, and how to run my business better.

As a sales coach, Michael worked with me to develop the right language for my specific sales situations. Many times, Michael even accompanied me on sales calls and would provide me with both encouragement and critiques.

While working with Michael, I saw a 10x return on my investment through the new customers I was landing. Most definitely the best money I have ever spent on consulting.

6 responses to “Best Sales Coach in Phoenix”

  1. Awesome. My opinion is that the world needs a review system for coaches. There are far too many who take up that career without knowing the ropes.

  2. need to re-design his site to match your glowing reccomendation! Of course, if he’s that good at sales it doesn’t matter what the site looks like, right? 😉

  3. And now I understand why it makes sense to google myself more regularly. Hi Chris, it does my heart good to read your note.

    Also see, and AzSalesPros.Com Coming soon,, the international version.

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