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  • Maverick: The Story of Semco, an Amazing Workplace

    Awhile back Jason at Signal vs Noise recommended a book called Maverick which I immediately ordered. It sat on my shelf unread until just prior to my trip to Brasil. I figured it would make a good book for the flight down and as a bonus it was about a Brasilian company. The book was […]

  • E-Myth vs Good to Great: It’s about the people

    What do you think is more effective? Having a business completely run by a set of well defined processes or having the right people on the bus and no process? If you’re going to read E-Myth then you also have to read Good to Great. On Principal, I completely disagree with some of the ideas […]

  • Book Review: Blog Design Solutions

    I just read Blog Design Solutions which is a book that quickly walks you through creating a blog. The book covers the popular blog engines and goes in depth about customizing each. This book will help you save time if you plan to create a blog. It starts out quite simply and that’s ok because […]

  • Lacie Porsche Portable Hard Drive Review

    For the record, the Lacie Porsche 250 GB hard drive is something I do not recommend. My unit failed within a year. Even after reformatting it failed again. I know hard drives fail, that’s not why I am upset. I’m upset because Lacie requires that the drive have a mechanical failure before they’ll replace it. […]