Category: Questions

  • One Thing You Did This Year?

    A year is always full of decisions and changes. What is one change you made in your business, or life, that dramatically improved results?

  • Should Your Business Have Set Office Hours?

    It’s obvious that some companies should have set office hours. Any time you have frequent foot traffic at a business, it just makes sense. But what about at service companies, or small businesses where only a handful of employees work? At our company, we don’t have a set rule, but just a suggestion that you…

  • Kicked Out

    Have you ever been kicked out of a business establishment, or a golf course, or anything? One time I was playing golf with a foursome and the other people were so slow that the golf course asked us to leave. How about you? Ever been asked to leave/kicked out?

  • Who is your favorite actor or actress?

    Who is your favorite actor or actress? If you can’t name just one, feel free to leave a few names.