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What Makes a Blog a Blog?

I have been trying to figure what technically makes a blog a blog and I hoped the BrainFuel faithful would help me out. So far I have these attributes as the minimum requirements to be considered a blog:

  • A list of posts sorted from newest to oldest
  • Permalinks for stories
  • Syndication (RSS/Atom)
  • Comments

So here’s the question: does a blog have to have all of these attributes to be classified as a blog? What am I missing?


Question: Toll Free Phone Numbers and Paid Ads

So yesterday Tom and I had a discussion and asked each other these two questions. The surprising thing is we had the exact opposite answer. What about you?

Question: When you are calling a local company that has both a local phone number and a toll-free number, which one do you typically call?

Question: When you search on the web, and you see a sponsored link for a company and a natural search optimized link in the results, which one do you click on?


Finish the sentence…

“Wishing there was…”


Does Experience Matter?

While waiting for my haircut, I read an article in Time magazine which asks the question “how much experience is necessary?”

They’re talking about Obama, naturally. He has the least experience but apparently the most public support (I know that’s hugely debatable but he’s winning in the media at least).

The print edition of the article has a nifty graphic which shows all of the U.S. Presidents with a breakdown of the “experience” they had. Then the article breaks off and asks the question which I am asking you to answer.

Would you prefer a doctor who has practiced medicine for 30 years or just 10? (Assume the experience is post-education)