Category: Questions

  • Improve your vision with eye exercises

    Have you ever heard those radio ads where an enthusiastic voice will tout the merits of eye exercises? I’ve always wondered if those work. My friend Bryan also wonders if wearing glasses worsens your vision. One site I visited said this: Eyeglasses and contacts only act as band-aids. They don’t improve your eyesight. And various…

  • Do you share the winnings?

    It’s your birthday. Four of your friends together buy you one lottery ticket as a present. You win $5 million. Do you share the money with these friends, who only spent $0.25 each on your birthday present?

  • Time Travel

    If you could time travel what time in history would you travel to and where? If you could only take one item what would it be?

  • If you had to live somewhere else where would you live?

    Assume for a minute that you had to leave your homeland. Where would you go? I’d likely move to New Zealand or Australia (because they speak English). Of course, if I picked some poor country I could retire and be some rich nobleman!