Time Travel

If you could time travel what time in history would you travel to and where? If you could only take one item what would it be?

11 responses to “Time Travel”

  1. I would travel in time to when the time travel machine was invented. What would I take? Well, the time travel machine.

  2. My first inclination was to travel back to the most painful childhood trauma and prevent it, but anyone see the movie, butterfly effect? Yeah, the movie sucked, but the premise scared me into believing that everything happens for a reason, so I wouldn’t travel back to MY past but probably back to the time of Jesus and I would take a digital camera and record the sermon on the mount.

  3. I would travel into the future where computers process things instantly, everyone has peta-byte thumb drives, and DNA is modified at will to cure illnesses and aging.

  4. Speaking of traveling into the future, have any of you all read any of Ray Kurzweil’s books, such as “The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence”. He’s a very good author and does an excellent job at predicting what’s in store for the future’s technology. If you haven’t read that book, I recommend it.

  5. I would travel into the past and take a lot of money with me and invest it. Then I’d come back to present day and make a large withdrawl.

  6. I would travel to the time of the egiptians and look at how they build the piramids. I would take with my camera.

  7. I would travel back to the seventies to re-listen all the good bands playing the real music live!
    I would bring my wife(!).

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