Kicked Out

Have you ever been kicked out of a business establishment, or a golf course, or anything? One time I was playing golf with a foursome and the other people were so slow that the golf course asked us to leave. How about you? Ever been asked to leave/kicked out?

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  1. A cathedral, because I was admiring the art too loudly. And I was driven from an Ardennes village once. Me and my mate had been camping wild and the villagers must have thought we looked like bigfoot or something. We weren’t exactly chased out, but the welcome wasn’t what we’d expected.

    All a very long time ago 😉

  2. In the 1990’s, I was with a small group that got kicked out of a Denny’s restaurant for playing a no-stake game of poker. 😀

  3. I have been kicked out of the mall for using the space between the escalators as a slide (I was 17 i think).
    I was kicked out of K-mart permanently for the attempted theft of a calculator (a TI-85 and i was 15).
    I have been kicked out of Sears for participating in a human scavenger hunt. The only way to know if you found the right person was to ask “Are you the tweek i seek this week?” Needless to say we were bothering all of the patrons but the person we were looking for.

    Nothing in adulthood i think.

  4. A midnight showing of Rocky Horror for tossing my 20 oz.
    coke in the face of some d-bag who complained about the amount of confetti I had tossed at his girlfriend.

    It wasn’t my fault, I thought she was a bear that had wandered down from the woods and I was frightened. Seriously…no..really…I was…

  5. I once was kicked off of a golf course because I refused to leave during a non-thunder storm. Management said they wanted to protect their turf from damage from golf carts, but I was walking so that didn’t apply to me. Apparently, it did.

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