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One Thing You Did This Year?

A year is always full of decisions and changes. What is one change you made in your business, or life, that dramatically improved results?

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  1. I set up my real estate business to survive through these thin times by opening my own brokerage and reducing my cost structure dramatically.

  2. Ouch, it’s hard to see that I’ve made no big change in my business! Mainly because I had no time this year, but I know what I need to improve and how to. (creative time management!!)

  3. By putting considerable effort into online personal branding, I grew my online reach by a couple of orders of magnitude.

  4. By waking up in the morning, I dramatically increased my productivity. But since I only did it once, I didn’t achieve much.

  5. I came out of retirement and at age 69 restarted my business consulting. That means settIng up a web site, chatting, blogging and a few other things that I never heard of before. I am having fun and I am meeting a lot of new people. The 1st of the year will be here soon. Time to do some goal setting.

  6. I shut my business down, and decided to go to work for “the man”. Eh, the benefits are better.

  7. i learned and recaptured ron jeremy’s famous lost talent that pushed him into the porn bizz..

    learn young padawan learn….

  8. Like Joe, I too shut down my business. I had a job offer from left field that was too great not to take. Now I have more time with my family and a greater false sense of financial security! This has, however, enabled my wife and I to start planning a side business where we can work together on.