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  • Pre-Order Moby’s new disc

    Pre-Order Moby’s new disc “18” – to be released May 12 Yeah, I know this isn’t design-related but it’s kind of cool. If you buy the CD prerelease, Amazon lets you immediately listen to a high-quality stream of the whole album. This is the way it ought to be for every CD so you can […]

  • 724 Solutions Besides the

    724 Solutions Besides the m-Business thing, this site is pretty cool. The colors compliment the images and navigation. Even the logo is interesting. Some pages have javascript errors, and that’s just bad business.

  • Pizza Hut When you

    Pizza Hut When you are hungry for pizza you don’t have time to mess with the details. That’s where wins hands down. First thing you are thinking about is getting a good deal. And they answer that by giving you a few simple options. First is to find a pizza hut nearby. Next? Coupons. […]

  • Cardthartic: cards to honor

    Cardthartic: cards to honor your emotions It’s my little sister’s birthday tomorrow. It’s too late to send a real card, but I found a great place to make an e-card for occasions like this. Oh, and… I love you and will always be here for you, Nova!