Author: benster

  • well-designed weblogs

    Stumbled across at least a dozen of them here, with screenshots. Now there’s some inspiration! Found via the designer of the new Firefox browser icon, who also has a very nice looking blog.

  • The Daily Standards

    Painstakingly updated every weekday, The Daily Standards is dedicated to recognizing sites that have been lovingly crafted with web standards and the future in mind. (from their about page)

  • wellvetted worth visiting

    If you haven’t bookmarked/favoritized this list already, you’ll want to. Some of the web’s best-known names in Flash and design pick their favorite site, new every month.

  • One Way Out foundry

    For some delicious fonts, visit These guys have some great, commercially used fonts, used for things like the “Wild Cherry” in “Wild Cherry Pepsi”.