Author: benster

  • Redesign time

    Trying for a fresher look, I’ve updated BrainFuel’s stylings. More aerodynamic? Comments now has non-default styles, and I’m still working on Archives. Soon enough, we will have archives! (don’t let the guy on the left scare ya. He’ll be leaving pretty soon.)

  • Real Estate flash app

    Very cool, very powerful real estate flash app: looking to buy in the London area? Muy excellente. (thanks to the AZ Flash users group)


    I’m sure you’ve seen Japanese characters used all over the place as a kind of funky design element in advertising, fashion, etc… but did you realize that in Japan, English words are used in the same way? The funniest site I’ve come across in a long time showcases photos of these hilarious butcherings of the…

  • Gritty, grimy, steel-gray skies

    What exactly is UPS trying to communicate with this image on their entry page? The first thing I thought of was the freeway scene from the Matrix Reloaded… then I saw the sky and was transported to the Northeast in winter. Maybe I’m supposed to think, subconsciously, “boy, I’m glad it’s those UPS guys out…