Redesign time

Trying for a fresher look, I’ve updated BrainFuel’s stylings. More aerodynamic?

Comments now has non-default styles, and I’m still working on Archives. Soon enough, we will have archives!

(don’t let the guy on the left scare ya. He’ll be leaving pretty soon.)

One response to “Redesign time”

  1. Oooooooooooooooooh. It’s aerodynamic. I like it. Especially these comment boxes, finally able to use them with a little bit of ease.

    So how is it aerodynamic? Just kidding you. says aerodynamic means “designed with rounded edges so as to reduce wind drag and thereby increase fuel efficiency. Used especially of motor vehicles.”

    All the way!

  2. Their crepes ROCK–get a savory crepe for lunc or dinner. This place is perfect for those long hours of studying.

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