Gritty, grimy, steel-gray skies

What exactly is UPS trying to communicate with this image on their entry page? The first thing I thought of was the freeway scene from the Matrix Reloaded… then I saw the sky and was transported to the Northeast in winter. Maybe I’m supposed to think, subconsciously, “boy, I’m glad it’s those UPS guys out there braving snow, sleet, and deadly freeway traffic — and not me!”

5 responses to “Gritty, grimy, steel-gray skies”

  1. I think the focus should be on the right side of the image where it appears a UPS truck is speeding down the freeway – notice the blurred letters?

    Read: UPS deliverying the goods.

    Just my take on it.

  2. They are communicating absolutely nothing of value to their target with that image. Suprising that it got approved. Maybe they believed the agencies explanation over what their customers might say.

  3. As an aside, I was checking out the BMW site this weekend and so naturally I go to And naturally, I am looking for the USA page. Check out how difficult it is to find, I have to use the scroll bar in the pull down menu, isn’t that terrible!!?

  4. “They are communicating absolutely nothing of value to their target with that image…”

    Sure they are. The only function of the obscure photo, which is a secondary design feature, is to lead they eye to the new brand that, I believe, the lines and colors do quite effectively.

    It leaves the target audience no doubt they have reached the UPS website.

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