Category: General

  • Ernestina Alatorre I think

    Ernestina Alatorre I think this is a web site for a home builder (in Mexico). The photographs are simple and it has a javascript error so that’s one bad move.

  • click5 | interactive agency

    click5 | interactive agency Ooooooooh, this is a neat site. I like the non-intrusive sound effects coupled with huge pictures. What’s better is that the page size stays the same and you are not overloaded with information or designy stuff. I’m not sure what the paper airplanes and paper boxes are supposed to represent, but…

  • Harley-Davidson

    Harley-Davidson Great use of space to fit a lot of content into an easy to view screen. It has been done in a way that keeps confusion out, and makes you feel like taking an adventure.

  • WebTrends The red used

    WebTrends The red used on this site is quite nice, and I like how NetIQ has organized the site based on the different needs of the visitors (large company vs. small). Each product is very easy to find. Although it is nice how the pages stretch to fit the screen, it makes printing nearly impossible…