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  • Dominey Design While I

    Dominey Design While I believe I’ve featured this site previously, it deserves another mention. This guy is cool. I just love the whole concept that the site is about. It is like it is its own little world. He just released a Flash 6 voting system that is worth visiting.

  • Youth Hostels Australia Wide

    Youth Hostels Australia Wide use of bright colors and simple graphics combined with simple Flash animations.

  • Emerils This is a

    Emerils This is a cooking web site. It’s actually a variety of restaurants owned by a certain company named Emerils. Either way you slice the pie, it’s an interesting interface.

  • nextMonet A web site

    nextMonet A web site where you can browse and buy fine art. The interface itself compliments the artwork and does not distract from the important content and images. This design approach would be great for a lot of sites out there.