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  • Israel Insider The huge

    Israel Insider The huge war being waged in this area aside, this is a very nicely designed site! It has super easy navigation, plenty of features and pictures to look at, and a great color scheme completely handled by CSS I’m sure. This site could be a template for sites like this around the world.…

  • Free .tk domains! Thanks

    Free .tk domains! Thanks to this tiny island nation. Get them while they’re hot!

  • BT : Music Musician,

    BT : Music Musician, producer, and dj extraordinare.. I just wanted to thank him for a perfect ending to the Coachella Festival last weekend.

  • Troy Forrest | photographer

    Troy Forrest | photographer Designed and submitted by Havoc Interactive, this new site for a Chicago photographer uses Flash combined with some easy navigation to sell a photograph studio.