Category: Development

  • I need to get a life

    I can’t believe this, I’m at a data center, chatting with friends while I set up RAID5, all alone, and it’s 11 o’clock on a Sunday night. I need to get a life. Well, all done now… Back to the office to make some wireframes. Yay for self employment!

  • The Last 5%

    An old saying is it takes 5% of the time to complete 95% of a software project, and 95% of the time to finish that last 5%. True or false?

  • Blog Engines for Windows .NET

    Our client needed a blog platform that runs on Windows servers, and developed in .NET. While we haven’t yet chosen a solution, I found a few possibilities and wanted to share my research. Ektron CMS4000.NET DasBlog looks interesting, they have been running this project for several years. Blogtronix looks better than DasBlog from a design…

  • Django Book Beta

    I know of a few people who code in Django, and there is a book coming out soon that is in “Beta” online, and I have to say it is the most intuitive collaborative book editing system I have seen. Great idea, excellent execution. Anybody can add a comment to the sidebar, and they are…