The Last 5%

An old saying is it takes 5% of the time to complete 95% of a software project, and 95% of the time to finish that last 5%. True or false?

8 responses to “The Last 5%”

  1. Good gosh that’s so true. It’s easy to knock out major chunks of software but it takes forever to do those last bits that really make a product shine.

  2. I’ve yet to work on a software project that was ever actually deemed ‘finished*’!

    * Unless by ‘finished’ you mean ‘scrapped’…

  3. Absolutely true!

    I’ve never worked on a product that could be considered 100% complete and finished – There is always some slight tweak.

    Basically it’s quick to get a proof of concept (or the 80% solution) going… but it takes a bucket load of time to cater for all the boundary conditions.

  4. I thought the saying went like this:

    “It takes 95% of the time to finish the first 95% of the program, and the last 5% takes the other 95% of the time.”

  5. Wow. I actually quit as soon as the easy 95% is done and start a new %95 with a different employer and leave that detail stuff up to the poor sons-o-guns who believe in long-term employment.

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