Category: Development

  • Integration of hreflang in WordPress

    I just integrated hreflang tags on a WordPress site for the first time ever. Since there is only minimal documentation online, I thought I’d provide the script to do so, here. Just place the code in your header section of your WordPress template, which is usually header.php in your theme folder. For reference, if you […]

  • Designing for Social Traction

    An excellent presentation that might help you encourage signups in your next social web app.

  • Website Builders

    As many of you know, I built a web-based CMS. While my product is aimed mostly at people with an existing site, I recently did some research on web-based site builders, aimed at new sites, and wanted to share my findings with the Brainfuel faithful. I found 4 products and they all look great, especially […]

  • A New CMS and Why

       As some of you may know, I launched a new, simple cms system yesterday called Clover Content. I thought you might be interested in understanding why I spent the last year developing yet another cms. There’s a real problem with content management systems. I’m not talking about the big enterprise platforms. I’m talking about […]