Category: Development

  • Ext JS

    Tom discovered Ext JS today. It was linked from the Smashing Magazine article I posted earlier today.

  • CSS Liquid Round Corners

    Mark Angeletti from Search-This has written a great tutorial for creating liquid rounded corners in CSS. There are a bunch of techniques for doing this, and this one is especially well written.

  • Classified Ads System, Know of a Good One?

    Do you know of a good pre-built classified ads system (has to be in PHP)? We have a client that wants to use something that is pre-built and we can get set up with limited problems. We don’t mind paying for something that is pre-built. It would be preferable if it had all of the…

  • Is Ajax Going the Way of the Dinosour?

    I’m sitting here at BarCamp Phoenix and one of the things I keep hearing is that Ajax has been overused. People think it has been used too much. In a way, I think they’re right. Look at any web app these days and you’ll see a significant rise in Ajax usage. Ajax creates a benefit…