Category: Development

  • A Top 91 List For Programmers

    I’m a fan of top 5 lists. Top 10 lists are even better, but this is a top 91 list of resources to make you a better programmer. You’d think there would be 9 more to make it an even 100. Come to think of it, it’s really bugging me now, kind of like when […]

  • 2 Unique Coding Resources

    The internet has really opened up opportunities for self-teaching. Many great web developers have never so much as set foot into a college IT course (myself included) but instead, out of interest or necessity, learned to sling HTML, PHP, or whatever else, on their own. Big thick tech books used to be my first step […]

  • Microsoft BizSpark

    Microsoft has introduced a new program for early stage startups called BizSpark. The goal of the program is to help get broke starups the tools they need to develop and deploy their software. There are a few requirements to enroll in the program: Your startup has to be younger than 3 years old, make less […]

  • FlashDen

    If you need a quick Flash widget or effect and don’t have the time to make one, check out the Flash for sale on FlashDen.