Author: Thomas Chapin

  • Load-bearing Mammals

    In the spirit of all the random photo posting that is going on around here, I figured I’d post one of my favorites:

  • Don’t shoot the puppy

    Ok I ran across this game and just had to share it… The object of the game is to… well… do nothing. Hilarious.

  • How to use transparent PNG files on your web site (with JPEG compression)

    This is a tutorial that I wrote quite a while ago and then forgot about. A number of things have changed since I wrote it (such as the release of two additional versions of flash), but other than that, the general concept introduced here still stands. This technique addresses a number of issues that have…

  • Drawing a smiley face on the moon

    What would you do if you had a billion dollars? I don’t know about you… but I would definitely develop a method to draw a smiley face on the moon. Call me crazy, but can you think of a better legacy to leave behind? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Think about it. Future generations of…