Drawing a smiley face on the moon

Smiley MoonWhat would you do if you had a billion dollars? I don’t know about you… but I would definitely develop a method to draw a smiley face on the moon. Call me crazy, but can you think of a better legacy to leave behind? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

Think about it. Future generations of mankind would look up in the sky at night, only to see a big smiling face. Wars would cease to exist! How could people even think about fighting with a giant smile in the sky?

Or maybe we could sell the moon one pixel at a time? Like the milliondollarhomepage.com site did?

Maybe we could use a high powered laser that would burn the dust and turn it black or something… *scratched his head*. What do you think?

Seriously though, what would you do if you walked outside one night and noticed a smiley face on the moon?

15 responses to “Drawing a smiley face on the moon”

  1. I’ve got a scenario for you, Tom. Imagine if the moon already had a smiley face and imagine if we didn’t know who put it there and if it had been there for at least thousands of years. Wouldn’t that be weird!

    Also, the moon in that picture is super huge.

  2. You would have to sign it – brainfuel.tv 2006

    And what happens when you get half-moons/cresent moons, only half a face??

    I like the cheese idea!

  3. what a great idea!!!! because, number one, it would be cute! and number two, it would make people happy, and number three, cheese would fall, and i like cheese, so i will be happy, and all the hungry people in the world would be too. glad you thought about that. maybe you should tell NASA about your ide! LOL

  4. The moon is made of Cheese?! Now I finally know what those patches on the moon are… mold!

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