Don’t shoot the puppy

Ok I ran across this game and just had to share it…

The object of the game is to… well… do nothing.


21 responses to “Don’t shoot the puppy”

  1. I got up to level 3 and then a banner ad popped up. Say goodbye to the puppy.

    I like the URL for that site. It’s right out of that list of hard domain names to tell your friend over the phone.

  2. Chris, that banner ad is part of the game. It’s one of several distractions that pop up to get you to shoot the puppy.

  3. They key is to not move your mouse after hitting start…not touch a key, or anything. At lvl 15..I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

  4. How do you play i click start and it kills the puppy and if i do nothing then nothing happens and then i click start and the time i waited shows up after the gun kills the dog. How do you get the dog to safety?

  5. wat is so hard aboutlvl 12 and 15? i did this game by clicking start and i just leave the room, watch tv and come back. xD

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