Funny Movies

Ok I just have to share this web site with everyone… Funny, amazing, or just plain disturbing, there’s tons of intruiging short video clips that you can download.

I went so far as to download every single one and burn them all off to cd-rom. Took up close to 500 megs. Lots of fun for when friends come over. On a side note, how effective do you think this commercial was?

Another witty commercial (Discovery Channel)
I love the panting squirrel. haha!

Best car commercial I’ve ever seen
Great music… make sure you turn your speakers up.


Fonts got ya down?

If you keep up with the flash design industry, you’ve probably noticed a lot of tiny fonts on web sites these days. Apparently there’s this one company that has come up with some really nice fonts that are legible even at small sizes. Check it out! They even have a free font available for download: