Why do we wear socks?

I’ve always thought that socks were a funny thing. They’ve always seemed pointless to me except for in a fashion way. I read the page about socks on the Wikipedia and all I can guess is that socks are useful for absorbing sweat. Can anybody tell me the history of socks?

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  1. socks keep your feet warm
    socks stop your feet from stinkin up the room
    socks prevent the sweat from going on the floor and “The average foot has 250,000 sweat glands and the average pair gives off about half a pint (almost 250mL) of perspiration per day” -wikipedia
    socks prevent you from getting skin conditions from other people
    and holds in skin conditions that you shouldnt spread around
    socks ease chafing between the foot and footwear
    socks doubles as an instant condom EWWWWW

    you can hold each end in your hands and use it for a back scratcher…
    most socks are not sized so you can buy a pack and they fit most feet….
    they come in all different colors
    they come in different fabrics and some are so soft you can hug them
    they give you comfort
    socks make great cheap gifts
    you can wear them for a couple of days before they need washing….underwear need to be washed for
    two days but you can always wear socks for longer
    socks can give you luck and confidence….lucky horseshoe…..lucky socks….think about it…..
    socks can be used as dust cloths or to wash the floor when you spill milk
    socks can be used to hold money when you have no pockets…
    socks can be used as a backpack for small items when your out in the desert and
    you need to capture some bugs to eat for protein
    socks can be used to hold rain water when your stranded on a island and need fresh water ok they need to be washed first but
    what the heck….works for me….
    cherish your socks

  2. u are all so dumb who would open up a chat on whether or not u have to wear socks. although some of the comments were pretty funny

  3. my socks tore ,so was thinkin why is it compulsory or what is the need to wear a pair of socks;)
    now i don have a doubt why should we wear them!!!

  4. Socks allow moms and wives ammuno to gripe about where you left them. Same as underwear.

    But don’t ever try to use underwear as socks.

  5. I’ve worn a couple of shoes without socks one time; both leather and running type. This was when I was working in a remote part of Costa Rica. The sweat just eats up the shoes. The odor was horrible. After my final 3rd month their; the last week I got athletes foot. The bottoms of the soles itched and burning was felt. I ended up purchasing a pair of sneakers for the flight home. I was going to buy sandals ; but my feet were peeling and that didn’t look good.

  6. Extremities such as hands, feet and the tops of our heads, tend to lose the most heat and chill first, so we protect them with thermal layers such as socks, mitts, and hats. The reason for this is our body concentrates thermal energy on our core to protect vital organs, deaming extremities less important and in need of that heat.

  7. haha some of these comments were very funny. i take a speach and debate class and im doing a 5 minutes speach, i get to chose it. it is now about why u should wear socks. haha. good stuff. its due in one day…havent even started it…oops;)

  8. Socks keep you from getting blisters and friction burns, they also absorb your sweat, which is why you should change them every day and wash them often!!!

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