Why do we wear socks?

I’ve always thought that socks were a funny thing. They’ve always seemed pointless to me except for in a fashion way. I read the page about socks on the Wikipedia and all I can guess is that socks are useful for absorbing sweat. Can anybody tell me the history of socks?

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  1. “The average foot has 250,000 sweat glands and the average pair gives off about half a pint (almost 250mL) of perspiration per day” -wikipedia

    sort of sums it up no?

  2. It also stops your shoes from stinking up and rotting. Shoes are supposed to have a much longer lifetime than socks.

  3. According to the wikipedia, a sock is a knitted garment for enclosing the human foot and/or lower leg, which is designed to:

    ease chafing between the foot and footwear,
    keep feet warm
    absorb sweat from the feet.

    Works for me!


  4. Yeah, it’s all about the chafing. When you go backpacking, you have to wear two pairs just to cut down on blisters. Each pair adds another friction-reduction layer.

  5. I’ve gone backpacking and worn Thorlo brand socks (1 pair) because they have built-in anti blister magic. In any case, I hate closed-toed shoes altogether and hadda get used to them when I first moved to the mainland (originally from the Virgin Islands) and lemme tell you, wearing anything but a pair of sandals without socks is pedi-cide (foot murder)!

    Keep up the great topics, Chris.

  6. We think socks were invented to defend the earth from invasion. aliens see the socks as a defence mechanism and are afraid of them.

    p.s u all need to go find something better to do, y the fuck are you talking about socks?

  7. you should definitly wear socks. when yuu don’t wear socks fungi grows on your fot because your foot has obsorbed too much moisture. socks prevent that from happening.

  8. Sock prevent the dissapation of from the feet. Didnt mean to rhyme but this is a greatest feature of socks a swell. Socks help keep the feet moist too which can prevent cracking.

  9. I agree with the alien theory, if socks scare the shit out of my dog why wouldn’t they scare aliens?

  10. well im doing a speech on socks so all this stuff was very helpfull thankyou 😛 lol

  11. We have a little one that refuses to wear socks, I mean she has a giant cow when we enforce the sock thing. It’s just so wearing (to use a pun) on her parents and now we have some logic and info to back us up. So thank you!

  12. I am looking for the reason why socks have to be worn by medical personnel in clinical settings? Is ti for infection control purposes, safety, basic personal hygiene, professional appearance, …

    Please comment

  13. A gal that I know always wore her leather Dansko closed-back clogs without socks. A half pint of perspiration per day into those shoes must get very damp. She had them off during breaks. I can now see why.

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