Rain Comes to Phoenix

Wow, 143 days in Phoenix without rain and today it rains. Can it get any better? I submit that it cannot! My favorite line in the newspaper this morning was this: “For rain fans, it’s going to be a nearly perfect day,” Haffer said, “and it’s going to be statewide.”

This afternoon I’m going to head over to the Apple store with my camera just in case they have a window display like this one.


7 responses to “Rain Comes to Phoenix”

  1. If you’re talking about the one off Camelback, they do. I was there a couple days ago. It freaked me out when I saw it even more than it normally would because they’re doing construction and maintenance on the landscaping and sidewalks around the store. I thought one of the workers had an accident.

  2. For those of us who where in the process of landscaping our backyards, it was not a perfect day. It rained for at least 18 hours straight down here in Maricopa. What a mess — the soil down here is like concrete when it’s dry but turnes to grease when it’s wet.

  3. Hey Mark, yeah I have another friend that was planning to landscape his yard as well. I need to ask him what happened. No doubt rescheduling would be in order.

    Sorry to hear it went so badly.

  4. Bad is what happens when you have a doggy door. No more dogs or me. I’m a cockroach kinda guy from here on out.

  5. I’m just back to Phoenix from Dallas, where the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny in the 80’s. By some strange quirk of timing and travel, the last time I saw rain was in Amsterdam last August!

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