Category: Photo

  • Let’s you Buy and Sell Camera Gear

    This is a new online marketplace for buying and selling camera gear (new or used). I’m planning to list a couple of lenses I no longer use up there soon, and hope it really takes off as it is always nice to buy used when possible. Check it out at

  • Managing a photo library

    Well hello there, I’ve been managing a photo library for some time and today was reading a discussion online about how people manage their collections. I thought I would share how I manage mine. The solution I found for my photo workflow is that I’ve installed AeroFS on my computers and I store my latest…

  • Fixed

    A video from the Space Station has captured what it feels like to fly over the Earth. I added my own touch.

  • 1928 Sunbeam

    I stumbled across this beautiful motorcycle this morning. The 1928 Sunbeam Model 90.