My picture with Santa and my interesting Christmas

Hi folks.This is wishing you and yours a great week after Christmas. I hope your Christmas day was as great as mine. I’m posting a couple of photos. Some of the interesting things I did on Christmas day:

  1. Peeled 20 potatoes and stuffed a turkey
  2. Played ping pong with a guy who didn’t object when I expressely asked him if he was a professional
  3. Won a lot of games of ping pong
  4. Went to church and ate a candy cane
  5. Talked with someone who couldn’t stop raving about the quality of celery in Phoenix – “We just can’t stop eating it!”
  6. Played foosball and realized I’m great offense and terrible at defense
  7. I washed my car and used one of those California water blades to wipe all of the water off saving about 10 minutes in dry time
  8. Spilled cranberry sauce on a white table cloth and was able to get it all out using OxiClean
  9. Realized the nickname Superman is really sticking and I’m ok with that even if I don’t always feel like Superman but will do my best to live up to the moniker
  10. Received a new book for Christmas which BrainFuel readers will be happy about: It’s called On Writing Well
  11. Tasted some of the Cave Creek Coffee Company coffee (thanks!) and decided I really like their coffee (the bagged coffee for home preparation)
  12. Ate far too much food
  13. Played poker with 5 friends and came in 3rd
  14. Watched old home movies from 1987 with friends and had a lot of fun watching the clips including seeing myself in them
  15. Took a lot of photos (17,000 in two years on this camera!)
  16. Decided I want to get another dog
  17. Realized far too late all of the funny things I could have said to Santa (see photo below): “Travel much?” and “Shouldn’t you be working?” or “Hi I’m Superman, and I don’t need a sled to fly”

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