Longest you’ve ever stayed awake?


So I was having coffee with a friend and we were talking about polyphasic sleep. I’ve decided that if I didn’t want to have a real life I’d give it a try.

So my question: What was your longest day and how long (approximately) were you awake? Tell your war story!

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  1. help som1 plz write bak iv been awake 4 Em/ wng shit im being attacked by somthings and i am finding it hard to breath mbfz plz help ,. how do u make them go away ?????????????///

  2. I’ve been up for… 92 hours as of right now. No naps. No drugs or coffee to help me stay awake. >_> god am i bored…. lol

  3. ive been awake for about 29 hours and ive been just playing runescape and watching youtube videos which really helps ive not drinked or ate anything in like the last 12 hours sinece dinner but im gonna try to stay up till saturday night and today is thursday=)

  4. Ive only stayed up for 40 Hours but im 13, i was so tired from 4 AM Till 7 AM but then for some reason i wasnt tired anymore./

  5. alright i read all these postings..some are really quite dumb..its 9:40am here in RI and i havent slept and i dont plan on it…now thats approx 24 hours..i know its not huge but i do this easily everyday if i dont take a sleep aid..

    its annoying reading all these people talking about 24 hours with coffee and energy drinks and theyre dying… PLEASE..your all wusses..

    now my record was 4 straight days fell asleep for 5 hours and then stayed up the entire 5th until 3am on the 6th day…i dont know how many hours that is..but when my friend had heard about how long i was staying up she told me about the 11 day record and it got me a little scared but now i wanna beat it

  6. I was doing weekends in jail was up all night sunday(clean) went home monday and started to pop ‘vitamins'(XTC) went back to do my weekend on friday and i feel asleep on saturday so 5 or 6 days but usually every week i stay up for 2-3 days but it is my own doin i don’t understand why you people would want to be up for 2-9 days playing video games i stay awake cuz of chemicals for example 5:30AM tuesday last i slept was saturday. haven’t eaten since then either need advice or help or someone to talk to e-mail me at bhd654@yahoo.com thank you alls and good bye

  7. I don’t sleep ..period… without huge amounts of drugs….once I tried to sleep without medication I stayed awake 7 days I was alert went to work but felt I was going to die just from the fear of no sleep ..went back on medication which takes dangerously amounts just to feel relaxed to fall asleep and then sometimes I don’t I walk around in a fog from the medications ……I took myself of all medications and for a month I was in bed laying wake awake at the end of that month I fell asleep for a few minutes….I’m losing my mind…I have not found a doctor who takes the time to study my problem

  8. Some of you are such liars! Anyone who claims anything longer than 7 days is most likely lying, or suffers from some kind of sleep disorder.

    Then again, even with a sleep disorder, once your body reaches a certain level of exhaustion, you are basically forced into sleep mode. Weeks? Months? Puh-leeze!

    If by some miracle your body didn’t force you into sleep, you’d just go into cardiac arrest and die due to exhaustion.

  9. Staying up for long hours is easy. For me the first night is the hardest till about the 5th or 6th then shit really gets crazy 😀 It’s definitely a partner game tho if you want to go long amounts of time… I’d say 96 hours is okay by yourself but its much mch easier to go longer than that without out company.

  10. ive been awake for 12 days and nights and im stiil not tired i think it is because i am Very stressed but im not sure what to do?

  11. I am currently on hour 50 and was looking for some helpful hints to get me through the day. I had to do this because we are currently in the Hell week before finals and I have a bunch of projects due and some of my teachers are actually making the final test this week as well. It almost becomes easier to not sleep just to get stuff done. wish me luck I have to go until 7 tonight. So I guess my total will be 58. Do I get a cookie?

  12. In seven minutes I will hit the 3 day mark. 72 hours.I have never gone this long,but I know that I like it eventhough my eyes are fucking with me really bad.Gonna try…..85????

  13. Went for 110 hours in buenos aires. had been awake for 2 days so just decided to carry on, could have gone longer to be honest i was just getting a bit bored of the whole thing. was hallucinating in a friends house and saw what i can only describe as the lights from a slot machine constantly flashing up whereever i decided to stare for longer than 2 seconds. at around the 80 hour mark i was laughing at everything, and proceeded to make a pot of tea with no tea and drank boiling water with nothing in it,but seemed fairly normal,. was confused, walking down the streets of buenos aires asking people for empanadas (a foodstuff there) and whether they were selling them. effectively this is like wandering through london and asking passers-by if they have sandwiches for sale.finally ended when my friend slammed on the brakes in the car just as i was dropping off, i thought we were being murdered so went home and just slumped off .

  14. This is my story i work graveyard shift and it started out with a night of work then i stayed up the whole day to hang with friends then back to work with no sleep. the next day i was planning to head to bed and right when i get into bed exhausted the fire alarm rang in the house i was so tired that i forgot to turn the oven off so the fire trucks had to put the fire out and i did not get any sleep that day due to having to replace the oven then back to work, so the next morning i was realived i could finally sleep and guess what i could’nt sleep so i shower and get ready for work thats four days off sleep deprivison in an unlucky state and never ever again will i stay up for one day.

  15. Yesterday I managed to last 38 hours haha…not that good compared to the rest of you, but dude it was really hard! I would be really tired and struggling to keep my eyes open and then that would fade away and next thing I knew I felt wide awake!Its such an awesome feeling!

  16. i think maybe a good 30-36 hours. but im usually awake for 20+ hours when i dont have school. as a matter of a fact i ve been awake for almost 16 hours. im about to crash pretty soon tho.

  17. Wow some of u people are crazy. Iv got so much homework due. tomorrow and some of your stories motivated me to stay up all night and complete them. Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  18. Seriously guys?..How many days? 15? 11 is the world record. I’m an insomniac and I have gone a max of 70 hours without sleep, at which point you start microsleeping, you don’t even know you are asleep, its like being asleep with your eyes open. Don’t even joke about that, after all these years of staying awake it is destroying my body.

  19. I remember once while i was in high school, woke up friday 7am, stayed up until sunday 2:30am. Roughly around 43/44 hours, never hallucinated or anything but i remember becoming shaky and very nervous, i actually found it hard to fall asleep after staying up so long. As of right now i’m on hour 22 and have no reason why i have yet to sleep, it’s not even really anything to brag about, i know it’s not good for the mind or body

  20. Oh and by the way the longest documented case of sleep deprivation documented is 11 days (264 hours) so anyone claiming anything close to or more than this number are obviously full out lying at an attempt to sound hardcore or something. like if you’re gonna lie, at least make it believable and achievable 0_o

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