It’s officially October now, isn’t that just wrong?

It’s Saturday. How did that happen? I thought yesterday’s photo was a good success. The movie scene idea is fun and I think in the future I’ll come back to that idea.

Oh, and guess what! It’s going to rain all day Wednesday here in Arizona! Oh yeah! Bring it on!!!

Some links from the last few weeks: is a web site which lets you login to your chat clients via the web. Really interesting.

Solution Watch has a nice overview of the various Photoblog software available today.

Bibble Lite (Professional Photo workflow software). Review here.

Zenphoto looks seriously awesome! Here are some good tips on how to get it to work from Broken Kode.

PunBB is a simple php based forum software (open source). Not sure how it compares to Vanilla however worth a look.

I found the audio podcasts and articles on Entreprenneur’s Journey very good. I highly recommend reading some. I found the one about turning away potential clients quite good.

PHPLocator (via Solution Watch).

Refresh Phoenix (nice idea guys, sign me up).

Check out this amazing tornado.

I found a very cool web site that has tons of business related quotes from business people…

Ten communication commandments for managers.

Big Things with Small Teams podcast with 37signals’ Jason Fried. I’m downloading it right now.

Live webcam of the Panama Canal. is really slick. It’s the GE drawing system online and you can draw with a friend.

The Printable CEO.

A new .NET photoblog software system. Review at Solution Watch.

CalendarHub looks interesting…

Slashdot is now CSS.

A really cool infared photo of the United States that shows clouds very well. Link from Gary.

I’m thinking about making this required listening for anybody that wants to work at/with Tornado on development projects. It’s an audio interview with 37signals founder Jason Fried.

An interesting article about Yahoo.

Neat circles.

The original Adaptive Path article about Ajax.

Things are really taking off (a fun photo of a boat).

Interesting advertising blog.

Color schemes.

Some mp3 podcasts from Web Essentials 05

4 responses to “It’s officially October now, isn’t that just wrong?”

  1. I’m glad you agree, Tommy! I think it was really good. Don’t miss the Web Essentials mp3s, there some good ones from Veen and others.

    Thanks James, yeah, I agree. It’s going to be November before we know it.

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