Category: Random

  • Grieg and Einstein

    What do you think? They totally had the same barber. Edvard Grieg on the left, and Albert Einstein on the right.

  • Oh, The Huge Manatee!

    Saw this today and laughed:

  • So Good, It’s Forgotten

    Recently I was doing some work with logos (business cards, desktop backgrounds, etc) for my product. As I was working away, I would periodically save the files to my DropBox. For those who aren’t familiar with Dropbox, it’s an online storage/syncing utility that will make your life much easier (you can thank me later). You…

  • Auditorium

    A few of us at the Tornado office were having fun with Auditorium. It’s a sort of auditory game where you have to direct these light beems using directors. Hard to explain but tons of fun.