Category: Random

  • Interesting Little Add on for Get Satisfaction

    On the Get Satisfaction site (a customer support site) they have a neat little series of options when posting a comment. You can add notes on how you are feeling. As you can see in the screenshots below, you can choose a happy or sad face (or in between) and then you can choose a […]

  • Interesting Google UI Element

    Today we were experimenting with the new Google Insights for Search tool and thought that the category filtering tool was interesting. At first glance it appears to be a drop down menu but it’s actually Javascript. Very well done (although definitely some areas for improvement) and an interesting way to help people filter content. Check […]

  • Puzzle: Balance all of the nails on top of the standing nail

    Background: This is a puzzle that was first shown to me in the mid 1980s and ever since then I’ve shown to friends and family. It’s tricky, but given 10 minutes you should be able to figure it out. There are seven nails that balance on top of the 8th nail, and you cannot use […]

  • Friday afternoon trippy video

    Here’s a totally unrelated video for Friday afternoon. The Wizard of Speed and Time from 1979. It’s definitely different. Via Andy Ferra.