Category: Random

  • Carpet glue

    Somebody should invent a carpet glue that doesn’t smell so bad. You could make a fortune with a product like that.

  • Stunt Pilot

    What level can you get to? Try this game called Stunt Pilot. I got to level 9 and died.

  • Reckless but interesting

    These three links are interesting mostly because of how reckless it is but stunning because they have the fastest time to cross the United States in a vehicle.

  • Mammoth Cloning

    I saw this article and amazing photo of a baby mammoth that was found in Siberia. It really is amazing because it is so well preserved. Click here to see the photo. What caught my eye was this tidbit, however: Despite the inherent difficulties, Dr Agenbroad remains optimistic about the potential for cloning. “When we…