Installing WordPress 2.0 is a breeze

I’ve upgraded several blogs to WordPress 2.0 and it’s quite simple. The first thing I did was backup my databases. There are two ways to do this. One is using phpmyadmin (here is a quick guide to backing up your WP database). You can also use the WP Database Backup plugin to accomplish this purpose. Just a note about the plugin: It worked great for smaller blogs however on one blog the database was so large it maxxed out the hosting companies allowed number of database connections in an hour (see this WP support post if you have an interest in what happened).

Some WordPress Plugins and Links You’ll need:

I thought I would mention that we didn’t have to make any changes to our themes. After upgrading one blog it was an easy decision to update the rest because I tested all of my themes on that installation.

7 responses to “Installing WordPress 2.0 is a breeze”

  1. I’m looking into wheter or not there are any big issues with the current lightpress version working with WP 2.0. Lightpress has made a *gigantic* difference in the impact on server load and render times for my sites.

    I might just have to take the leap and try it in the middle of the night.

  2. So what’s the point of the shoutbox? I mean, I guess it’s cool and all but why have an IM functionality on a blog?

    It’s a general WP question, not specifically directed here.

  3. Well, when we have our 15 minutes of fame here on BrainFuel perhaps a part of that 15 minutes will include people posting in the shoutbox and arguing with each other. That will be memorable and I’m all about memories.

    I’m going to get some coffee.

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