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I wanted to comment that WordPress 2.0 is finally out (came out on December 26 actually) and they’ve posted some comments up on the official WordPress blog.

I have a few thoughts about the introduction of a WYSIWYG editor for WordPress. Firstly, I think it’s great because this brings WordPress more in line with what business users and non-technical bloggers might want. Finally someone can make something bold without having to know any HTML tags. They made a really smart move in that they created an easy way to disable the editor so you can hand code everything. Absolutely cool.

I’ve used this editor on my Superman blog at WordPress.com (a hosted service that you don’t have to upgrade). The cool thing I’ve noticed is that the editor allows for easy insertion of the “More” link in posts. This is something that was often overlooked in WYSIWYG Plugins for WP 1.5. WYSIWYG Plugins have actually been somewhat of hacks if you want my opinion.

As to what I think of the new interface. It’s definately improved. Steve Smith at Ordered List has already gone and updated his Tiger Admin Theme for WP 2.0.

Oh! One more thing: Built in support from the get-go for Akismet spam filtering. That’s awesome!

I’m planning to upgrade Arizona Coffee soon with the latest version of WP and we’ve been talking about upgrading BrainFuel sometime in early 2006.

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  1. […] I’ve upgraded several blogs to WordPress 2.0 and it’s quite simple. The first thing I did was backup my databases. There are two ways to do this. One is using phpmyadmin (here is a quick guide to backing up your WP database). You can also use the WP Database Backup plugin to accomplish this purpose. Just a note about the plugin: It worked great for smaller blogs however on one blog the database was so large it maxxed out the hosting companies allowed number of database connections in an hour (see this WP support post if you have an interest in what happened). […]

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