Fun Pepsi Game

This is a fun game by Pepsi that Tom found today. He’s already won and I’m still trying.

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  1. Dude, that has to be the most addictive thing ever. I can only get to the 3rd to the last wall before I crash.

  2. I got to the very last wall and blew it! You CANNOT imagine how completely frustrating that was!


  3. Mission accomplished. I was hoping to get the chick at the end, but there was no chick, just some sweaty dude drinking a pepsi. I wonder what the Japanese graphics were all about.

  4. Yes, I know it’s a Japanese website. My point was that at the end (i.e. when you win) you should be taken to the main site. Good viral marketing gets users to play a game. Great viral marketing delivers them to the main site afterward.

  5. Well, in this case they did it a bit differently. The japanese graphics you’re wondering about link you to a page where you can download and incorporate into your blog a banner ad congratulating you for winning the game and pointing your visitors to the site. Do a Google for “pepsi nex banner”, there are already 13,800 results — for a banner ad.

    Not your typical viral online marketing campaign, but a viral campaign nonetheless. The site has links to information on the drink, but I would imagine none of that information is quite as fun or exciting as playing the game. That simple game does all it needs to do, even without a site, you (and everyone who downloaded and incorporated the banner ad) are now connected to the brand.

  6. Good point, Mark. I hadn’t bothered with the link at the end. I was too juiced about winning the game.

  7. Hi everyone !
    We developed this game at grouek studio in Paris, France for our japanese partner agency TYO-ID and it’s pretty cool to read your comments.
    We’re very happy that you find it addictive and kept trying, the gameplay is very basic so it’s all about frustrating the user !

    Any way thanks a lot for putting this up, special thanks to Mark for the marketing science !

    All the best
    sacco – CD – grouek : : interactive designers –

  8. I broke down all the ice walls.And at the end I got a pet of cold drink.It is a good game of timing needs lots of practice.No one can do it in very first attempt

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