A bunch of links tied up with a bow

5 responses to “A bunch of links tied up with a bow”

  1. Hey Chris,

    I always enjoy your link buffet and have found many of them to be useful and even profitable as I incorporate the technology or design idea into my own projects.

    I do have a {small} request though. Couldyou make the links open up in a new window? Please? 😀

  2. Pop ups! Oh my. I’m sort of against pop ups though, I’m not sure if their is even a healthy balance. Have you tried pressing the Shift key? Or Ctrl on your keyboard? It will open a new tab or window.

  3. Oh yes, I know about that, but I’m a lazy bastard. I do see your point about pop up or ‘new window’ commands for links. Many pop-up blockers will block them…

  4. Hey Chris,

    I been looking for a Eventwax kinda tool and i like it very much. I’m wondering who else is competing with the EventWax. Also what are your review’s.


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