For sale: My used time travel equipment

I’m selling my time travel machine.

All this talk of time travel has burned me out on the subject, and so I’ve decided to sell my time travel equipment. Stunning, I know.

It’s used but still works and the polish is coming off but you can probably go down to the auto store and have them buff things up for you. Please make an offer and leave your opening bid in the comments. I can deliver pretty much anywhere, and um, anytime.

Auction ends at midnight today. Terms and conditions apply.

27 responses to “For sale: My used time travel equipment”

  1. Well, the problem with the “anytime” is that once you’ve sold the time machine, the buyer’d have to drop you off in your own time. Plus, the buyer would have to be dropped off here by a friend. With the price of plutonium these days, that could be a deal-killer.

  2. Off topic i met a guy in globe the other day with a DeLorean with a flux capacitor that he had some hollywood prop friend of him order to full specs. It actually looked quite cool. I wasn’t going to make any BTTF references but he came out with it first.

    Oh and i’ll give you $2000 for your equipment. Seems fair since i have to fix some of the polish. Do you want it paypal or cashiers check?

  3. Hi,

    Can someone send me a link that can show me how to build a time machine please?
    Question: Is it legal or illegal if you send yourself lottery results from the future to the present?


  4. ill be it if it works for million not playing arund call me at this number 909 578 7304

  5. I really need a time machine, so if you still have it ill take it for 2000.00

  6. if there is such a thing as a functional time machine,,and when i say functional, i mean that it sends people or things back or forward in time,, not just zap the poop out of you,, i wanna see a pic of this thing…

  7. for sell huh.
    You have no information in closed pertaining to your time travel machine. For all I know it could be another portapotty and an old game box with illustrated instructions on where to place the banana and celery stick.
    If you would really like to sell your so called time travel machine as long as its not another one of the above mention and have information regarding your machine email me at the above.

    Asta Luego

  8. Just look over the stars and you time travel (really). What you see is the PAST not the present

    Moon 1 sec in the past
    Sun about 8 min in the past
    1 light year away is 1 year in the past.

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