Flowers I saw at Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Well, I’m back from my vacation to British Columbia. Places I visited: Vancouver, Seattle, San Juan Islands, Victoria (Vancouver Island), and a few places in northern Washington. Great trip!

Last week I toured Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. Really an amazing place! It’s like Disneyland but for flowers and here’s some photographic proof. The garden was immaculate. Imagine a 55 acre garden with 66 gardeners. That’s how perfect it was. Not even a petal was on the ground and no dead flowers. Simply amazing. I’m sorry I can’t identify the flower types. Feel free to comment if you know a name. This is going to be one really long post – oh well. I don’t know if anybody even reads this.

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  1. your tittle says it, however I have been to Butchart Garden and I think there is so much more about Butchart’s flowers than single shots. These, I feel could have been in any good garden. I mean even great photos need a good frame and sometime an identity (such as Butchart Garden) But thank you for sharing.

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