Flowers I saw at Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Well, I’m back from my vacation to British Columbia. Places I visited: Vancouver, Seattle, San Juan Islands, Victoria (Vancouver Island), and a few places in northern Washington. Great trip!

Last week I toured Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. Really an amazing place! It’s like Disneyland but for flowers and here’s some photographic proof. The garden was immaculate. Imagine a 55 acre garden with 66 gardeners. That’s how perfect it was. Not even a petal was on the ground and no dead flowers. Simply amazing. I’m sorry I can’t identify the flower types. Feel free to comment if you know a name. This is going to be one really long post – oh well. I don’t know if anybody even reads this.

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  1. Very nice!

    And so on to the identification:
    1,15: Hydrangea
    2,3,4,5,6,7,8,17: Dahlia
    9,12,13,14: Rose (duh!)
    10: Day Lily
    11,16,18: I pass

    Probably wish you numbered those pictures now, huh?

  2. Wow! Thomas!! You are the man! Great work there. I might update the post with the names at some point for reference. Very good work. Thank you!

  3. Wow, nice shots, I agree, as a native vancouverite Bouchart is definatley worth the ferry ride.

    hope you had fun in vancouver / vancouver island / washington, you sure came here when the weather was good 🙂

  4. Thanks, Ben, for the nice comment. You’re right, I could probably sell some of these, I just don’t think starting another business is always a good idea. At least as busy as I am.

    Of course, if anyone wants a print just contact me and we’ll get it done. Maybe I should print some myself. A nice poster from WHCC (whitehouse custom colour) would be swell. I might make a few for the office. Speaking of the office. I promised a photo tour at some point and should get to that in the near future.

  5. These photo’s are absouluty beautiful. I went to these gardens once. It was very beautiful when I was there. These photo’s remind me of the day I visited. very beautiful.

  6. I live in Victoria, and I’ve been to the gardens about a million times. And each time, I never fail to enjoy myself. I’m definitely not a flower-lover, but there’s something so nice and relaxing about walking around there.

    Those pictures are great!

  7. I am considering a trip to Butchart Gardens. Could you tell me the opertune time of the year to visit?

  8. The way I understand it anytime of the year is good because they are open year round. Winter it snows so obviously not as good as the rest of the year but they are open. I think they do winter plants or something then. Check their web site, it has info on the seasons.

  9. I visited the gardens in about 1986, Never saw a garden like this in my life, and probably never will. Your pictures are great, just not enough of them. Wish the gardens had a little more publicity in the U.S. When I try to explain the beauty of them, my friends just smile. If they would only GO there, they would know what I’m talking about. Thanks for the memories. Norma

  10. I work at the gardens and they are gorgeous. I’m there five or more days a week and it never gets old.
    Daylan, are you a descendant of one of Robert Pim Butchart’s siblings or cousins? Because none of his direct descendants currently carry the Butchart surname as far as I know.
    In my opinion, the best time of year to visit would be spring–April or May. The flowers are blooming well in a riot of colour, and the weather is a good mix of cool and warm–not baking hot if you’re walking around, and not freezing cold, and fairly dry. During the summer, however, there is a range of entertainment and things in the evenings. There’s concerts and fireworks–but admission might be more on special event evenings.
    The Gardens are open year-round, (Christmas Day, too,) and in the winter, there are massive Christmas-light displays and an outdoor skating rink.
    It doesn’t snow much at ALL on this part of the Island (I counted twice last winter, and once was in October and neither time did it stick for long,) so the worst you’ll be likely to encounter is rain. But there are umbrellas everywhere for your use, as well as wheelchairs if you need them.
    And there’s a Plant Identification Guide available as well as the Plant ID Centre. If you go more than twice in a year, the 12 Month Pass is a good investment, since it’s about the same price as two admissions plus discounts on everything.
    God, I sound like a commercial. *eyeroll*
    But the Gardens are worth it. 😉

  11. Félicitations
    Pour tant de patience
    A cultiver ces fleurs
    Et surtout à nous en faire profiter
    Grands mercis de Lyon, France

  12. Thanks for the eye candy! I’ll be on Vancouver Island in a week or so and intend to see Butchart. I’ll be a walkaboard passenger on the ferry from Port Angeles and wonder how easy it is to make a bus connection from the ferry landing in Victoria to the gardens.

  13. We visited Butchart Gardens in June 2008 and all I can say is WOW! And we have visited a lot of gardens in various parts of the world including Great Britain and the U.S.A.

    I will never forget my first sight of the Sunken Garden. It literally took my breath away.

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